Our Philosophy:

The early years of childhood is the time for exploration and discovery as children strive to understand the world, developing their own theories to explain how it functions. Children have immense potential and curiosity at Brilliant-Minds we see children as powerful, capable and independent learners.

We believe in providing an environment that is stimulating, interesting, challenging and helps children to feel supported, respected and appreciated as unique individuals. We place great emphasis on preparing aesthetically pleasing environments because we believe that children have the right to be in beautiful surroundings.

We think that it is important to establish meaningful and respectful relationship with children and their families to provide a high standard of quality care and education. Parents and whanau are informed of their child’s interests at the centre and we encourage parents/ whanau to participate and contribute to their child’s learning journey. Changes in children’s thinking and development is observed and documented to make learning visible.

Teachers are considered co-learners and researchers with children and teachers propose well thought out provocations that offer children different perspectives and supports complex thinking. Children are invited to participate in a variety of learning experiences in small and large groups as well as individually so that they engage in relationship with people, places and things.